Your Key to Pitching Success

Dana Sather Robinson is a professional pitch trainer who’s also an angel investor; she knows exactly what investors need to see in a pitch deck and hear from founders like you in a pitch presentation, so her investor-tested methods get results.

“I’ve had multiple people say this is one of the best pitch-decks they’ve seen”.
– Matt Bartelsian, CEO, Puzl

The interactive Pitch4Impact Training Program will guide you through the process of crafting, preparing, and confidently delivering a pitch and accompanying investor deck that signals to investors: this one is worth my time and attention.

Sound Familiar?

  • “Investors just don’t get it.” You’ve met with Investors and they aren’t seeing the value of what you’re offering. 
  • ‘There’s not enough time.” You’re struggling to communicate what that value is in a succinct, impactful way in your investor deck and pitch.
  • “I’m ready to raise now.” You’ve got a business with solid Product-Market Fit, and you’re ready to scale up. All you need now is funding. But you’re not getting the response you need from potential investors and you aren’t making the connections you need to scale up and thrive long-term.

Get Ready to Pitch for Impact

The Pitch 4 Impact training program will help you:

  • MAGNETIZE YOUR MESSAGE: Craft a message that investors find relevant, compelling, and attractive.
  • DELIVER WITH IMPACT: Learn the presentation skills to connect authentically with confidence.
  • BE REMEMBERED: Forge a lasting connection with the right investors.

Every pitch is an opportunity to build your network. Even if an investor isn’t ready for you today, making the right impression can set you up for success down the road and open doors that haven’t even been built yet. But you only get one chance to make that precious first impression. 

The Pitch 4 Impact program is here to make sure you’re ready for your next opportunity. 

Investor Pitch Training by Pitch4Impact

If you are the founder of an existing business (not just an idea, no matter how brilliant) that is:

  • Revenue-generating or with customer relationships  and ready to scale up
  • Currently in or ready to enter a Seed or Series A funding round (or pre-seed with clear market validation)

I invite you to take a look at the Pitch 4 Impact Training Program

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